18 July, 2007

Baby mockingbird has left the nest!

Our 14 yo son, whom I have referred to here before as Audubon (suits him, yes?) hustled in today to tell me there was something I might want to take a picture of out in the yard...

Sweet baby mockingbird set to take his place mocking at our cats when he gets older and stronger!

Photographed with my Canon Rebel and 75-300 mm zoom lens, so as not to disturb the "toddler."


JacciM said...

We had a fledgling mockingbird the other week and didn't know what it was. I searched through several bird ID books, but kept coming up empty handed. Your little guy looks just like the baby we saw! We've had mockingbirds in the backyard all summer, so I think we've got our ID! Thanks :)

Birdie said...

Great photos! I like mockingbirds (and most other birds). Between our cat and our dog, we seldom see them in OUR yard, though. ;)