09 July, 2007

Update from Scotland~Son already home sick

Maybe sooner is better than three weeks from now? He can get it out of the way and be able to enjoy his time better...Last time he was out of the country, he was on a photography and humanitarian trip with me along. Having a family member or good friend along makes being gone from home (especially internationally) a lot easier.

Pray that he is able to adapt and let the little cultural or small wrong things be easily learned and gotten over, and that others are able to give grace! He was asked to help write a camp volunteers manual when he gets back to the states. I told him to write things down as he goes, so that he can spare someone else all the "little things" that he wrote about in his e-mail to us today.

J writes:

"I just wanted to let you all know
that both bags arrived safely, and
all is going splendidly. I keep getting
in trouble for little things that I don't know
about before I do them, but aside from that
everything is perfect. Thanks for your prayers
and your splendidness. I miss you all very very
much and I'm ready to come home, now. See
you soon.

The weather is amazing. Today, we
went horseback riding. It was gross and boring,
but we made it fun I suppose. We played
a wicked game of capture the flag, and everybody
spends a lot of time making fun of "the American",
and it is pretty funny. So far all the kids are good at
imitating my Texas accent, which is amusing."

Thanks for continuing to keep J in your prayers!


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Carol G said...

I was in Scotland once. My brother's xwife and 2 kids are Scottish. It is a beautiful country and the people sure love to have a good time.

I hope your son starts seeing the good side of the country... I'll say a prayer for him.