15 July, 2007

evening walk

Dear Daughter and I had quite a view on our walk this evening. (click to enlarge)

There were the sun rays stretching upward in one last effort to shine for us. Then there was the sliver of new moon sort of in the middle just above the horizon and tree line. Last, you see Venus in the upper left corner. Just lovely, thanks to having no rain clouds today...the second day of summer where we've had 24 hours with no rain!


Karen E. said...

What beautiful pictures.

Birdie said...

Lovely! We have had a rain-free weekend here in my little part of Texas! My son even got caught up on mowing the weeds in our yard! ;)

Javamom said...

Thank you, ladies!

Birdie, our 14 yo son is so happy that it is dry, now, so he can mow without dodging puddles in the yard.

I am thankful that our aquifers have been filled well, though.