06 July, 2007

Summer School

It's hard to believe that the first session (five weeks) of summer school is now officially over! Only one short, one-week tutoring session left. I got my grades finished and uploaded onto the computer system before noon today, then Hubster and I went out with (our breakfast club friend) the other Spanish teacher, the head of maintenance, and the photography teacher. All my students passed today, some by just a hair. Most failed the final, but I had provided other means to measure their progress each day/week. Some of them have legitimate learning disabilities, and they worked very hard to succeed! I am proud of those. Others, well, I won't go there. I will pray for them and their futures!

One student took her final earlier in the week, as her family had to attend a funeral. She was so sweet to give me a very nice gift card to a bookstore. She and her babysitter had found magnetic poetry words (which our family loves) in Spanish, and wanted me to be able to get some, too. I'll have enough left over to buy a few classics in Spanish and the newish book on Shakespeare that was recommended to me recently by our pastor.

Next week, I will tutor two students for one week: one in early Spanish I and her brother in second semester Spanish II. I'm deciding this weekend what concepts I will cover with them, and the most efficient way to do so.

At the end of the week, Hubster is traveling with the school's Solar Car team to upstate New York for a solar car "race." He will be one of the judges. In years past, our oldest son went on this trip to intern with the photograher and videographer, and to edit and upload the race photos to the internet every night. Our next son in line is not quite ready to commit two weeks to this trip (which he was offered to work, as well!) so he will wait till next year.

Busy, but fun times are ahead!


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Mother Auma said...

I put the Shakespeare book on my Amazon wish list. Thanks!

I have been amazed at your stamina this summer. :o)

I hope oldest son is doing well in Europe! We are praying for him.

We drove across the bridge in L.E. today. The only thing keeping the water off the road is the six inch curb. Eek!