05 July, 2007

Kids' band on the Fourth

Dear Daughter on the bass :-)

Our oldest son didn't get to join in the fun as he was having his own adventures on the way to London and Glasgow...more on that, later! Pray that he gets his luggage today. A bag and a backpack got held up for inspections in London. Security is a little hyper over there...but understandably so.

Maybe they blew up his granola bars for being too suspicious!! He did not dress up for the flight in the least, so who knows what they thought. Maybe they had to check him out since he was not with a group and so as not to look like they were profiling passengers.

~ But I digress ~

Back to the city's celebration, it was a nice event with a variety of local talent. We left before dark to avoid the traffic nightmare. Our daughter spent the evening with her friends and co-workers from another church group, but the rest of us went home to watch fireworks in the neighborhood. We climbed onto the roof for a better view, and got to see the city show, afterall!



Birdie said...

Wow! Your family is so talented!

queen shenaynay said...

I always always always get pulled over and searched at airports, and as you well know, I do not have the protypical terrorist look. But I think that's exactly why I get tagged -- they have to avoid looking like they're profiling, so tagging a middle-aged blonde caucasian mom is one way to quell those suspicions. At least that's my theory.