07 July, 2007

News from Scotland

Word is that J awoke this morning to find that one of his two bags arrived in Glasgow. He was happy to have another change of clothes :-).

He writes,

"this huge feeling of dread that i did have (and was causing me to lose perspective) has now turned to relief, so that's good. i'm thinking now about how it felt like i was relying more on my luggage than i was on the Lord... i'm just really happy to be wearing my own clothes and deodorant. there's something about being in a foreign country and forgetting how you used to smell. ugh."

Camp officially starts today. J will work with Junior High boys the first week, and is in charge of worship, horseback riding (!) and sword fighting! Is that not a guy's idea of fun? Sword fighting on the family land of William Wallace. Jolly good sport, that!

Thank you for prayers and kind words on his and our behalf!


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Birdie said...

Hooray! I'm glad to hear that all came out well. Your son is in charge of worship, horseback riding and sword fighting? Wow! What a Renaissance man you have raised! ;)