26 July, 2007

Photos from camp in Scotland

Our dd noted how J's face has changed. He is looking more like my brothers and a nephew in the photo above. Notice the tartan scarf, lol.

He e-mailed earlier (our time) and said:

"Today I climbed the prettiest set of bouldered foothills and freeclimbed a series of sheer cliffs and rock faces (barefoot). I sat at the top of a thousand-foot peak overlooking the sea and a vast expanse of farmland, and remembered that this is the most ideal 'vacation' a boy could ask for. I ran around and played with a park ranger's dog, took pictures, hung my feet over the edge of a cliff and yelled at the clouds like a madman. It was fantastic. I felt so accomplished when I got to the top. Before I climbed I kept thinking, 'if I don't do this, I am not a man. Am I a man? Yes. Then why am I stiting here? So then I did it. It was fantastic.'"

Yes, adventuring is the right word for it!



queen shenaynay said...

Fantastic. He's beautiful.

Wonder if he got that tartan scarf at the little quirky shop in Edinburgh that I recommended to him? ;-)

Mother Auma said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. I love his email: "Am I a man? Yes. Then why am I sitting here?" Terrific!

Jonathan Neve said...

Just dropping by to make a note...
the scarf I'm wearing in that picture is not, in fact, from Scotland. it's from old navy, and i've had it for quite some time (: heh. anyhow, i just wanted to clear that up. cheeribye!