25 July, 2007

Scotland update

The Royal Mile and John Knox house

This early morning I find myself with a bit of insomnia. I have decluttered rooms and swept down cobwebs both inside and out for days, now. I am beginning to slow down, yet I still need to cull through my wardrobe.

On to the Scotland news:

Dear son is adventuring now. He found himself a youth hostel in the heart of Edinburgh to stay in this week. He visited with the 70 yo missionary at his church in Paisley, just outside of Glasgow. He is beginning to understand the "alright-ness" of old wine in old wineskins vs. the equally valid new wine in new wineskins, and is able to appreciate the beauty and strengths of both. This is one thing that I have prayed for.

He has gotten hooked on bicycling (yes!) as he had the chance to take a ten or twelve mile short tour last week of the Isle of Cumbrae, in the Firth of Clyde off the coast of North Ayrshire, Scotland. Reminds me of my bicycle tour of Heidelberg, Germany in 1984 by a friend who lived there and attended a tiny branch of Pepperdine U. J, so very much like it was for his father and me, wants to buy a bike rack for his car when he returns home, and wants to bicycle to work as much as possible.

He says of this day trip:

you and dad would have died. It was SO, SO pretty. at one point riding back into town a marching band of bagpipers crossed the street in front of us playing a Scottish tune! it was breathtaking. I got a video of them doing that, and then video of them playing Amazing Grace. SO cool."

Wrapping up camp last weekend was emotional for J. He said he really invested, got hurt, was listened to, stayed up all night, and was able to lead some kids to Christ. He also said it was so worth it. He's made new friends, some of whom he is touring with here and there about Edinburgh and London.

Upon getting settled in at his youth hostel then meeting up with his friends he writes:

"We went over to Edinburgh castle, and visited some other crazy places. This Christian guy attacked us and told us that we needed to be soul-winners, and he asked me what the significance of "Jesus+Nothing" meant. He said that tracts were the secret to living a moral life. But it was a really neat thing, because Craig and I stood up to him and told him we thought he was wrong in grabbing people and yelling in their faces. Incidentally, the man is from Texas."

Prayers for his continued safety and goodwill are very welcome!


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