20 July, 2007

Deep cleaning, anyone?

I once heard deep cleaning, laundry, and scrubbing referred to as being in the land of "Mount Never-rest." I like the term and the humor.

Whilst Hubster and Ansel Adams (oldest son) are off, the rest of us are de-junking and organizing our spaces. It has been years since I've really been able to focus like this on the recesses and corners of home, as life with teens is so very busy. The clean spaces are looking great, and the rooms are coming along slowly, but surely. There are plenty more spaces to attack. Ask me how I'm doing in about five days. Maybe I'll post some more pictures of our progress.

I did extensive research then shopped at my favorite resale shop and IKEA. I found a metal locking cabinet for my tools and bookbinding supplies, sewing frame and presses at the thrift shop for one third of the normal price. What a blessing! My main motivation has been, now that summer school is over, to get to the nine bookbinding/restoration jobs that I have lined up, now. These will keep me busy till just before school starts again.

Next, I added cubbies and baskets not only to the tool cabinet, but all over the house in nearly every shelf. They are wonderful things. Audubon put together the above storage cubbies yesterday and the cats found it a delightful spot for napping and leisure.


Birdie said...

Okay, I'm curious. Just how did you train your kitties to put themselves neatly away like that? ;)

Javamom said...


Mittens simply plopped herself up there. She loves containers of any sort.

Tigger was bribed and petted, but then he stayed :-).