19 July, 2007

British School Board Announces Death of Western Civ

Are they daft?

Well, I suppose this should not be a surprise to the truly educated minds of the world. Sir Winston Churchill has been officially axed from the required lessons list. Who else was taken off the list? Hitler, Gandhi, Stalin and Martin Luther King, not to mention the War of the Roses, Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. Oh, sure, they will still be teaching World Wars I and II, etc. but without its heroes and villains named? Can you say "watered-down by the P.C. crowd??"

Instead they will be taught about “relevant” issues such as global warming and drug dangers. Churchill’s grandson, Tory MP Nicholas Soames, is said to have called the move “total madness.”
At least the schools secretary Alan Balls is angered enough to give this a deeper look. He is now squared against all curriculum advisers.

Ministers said the shake-up will free up a quarter of the school day so teachers can focus more on individual pupil needs.

Regarding languages, they decided that their schools will be able to stop teaching French, German and Spanish and offer other languages (in place of the common foreign languages...and in Jr. High??? Charlotte Mason would roll over in her grave, if she could), including Urdu, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic. Qualifications and Curriculum Authority boss Ken Boston said the changes would equip young people “with the skills for life and work in the 21st century”.

Well that's just great. (tongue firmly planted in cheek)

Alright homeschool/private school families and teachers--Let's educate and empower our children with a real, no-bones-about-it lifelong education in Western Civ. and Biblical Worldview courses, to be able to preserve some truth to teach future generations.

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